What is a CRM?

If you’re a small business owner, you might be in charge of a business with no business management experience. That means terms like CMS, MRP and CRM are all foreign concepts, and yet another thing to figure out!

We feel your pain. So what is a CRM?

It stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM software has one mission: To help you keep important details from falling through the cracks with customers AND potential customers. Sales is a people business. It’s about nurturing a cold lead to a loyal customer and keeping it that way. Not always an easy task, and definitely more difficult if you forget things.

What A CRM Is Not

Before we explain what a CRM is and does, it’s important to know what you should expect. A CRM does not bring you business. It doesn’t fix your customer retention issues. It’s not magic – it’s a tool. A CRM can be VERY powerful and almost magical when used with an effective customer strategy. Before sinking time and money into a CRM, you should first dial in how your business interacts with existing customers, and how you plant to nurture cold leads.

CRM Basics – It’s A People Business

So how does software help your relationship with a person? It helps you track details and history. It helps automate communications (called touchpoints). A CRM helps you identify what your customers need so you can provide better services and solutions.

All of this depends on the CRM being used. Let’s go through an example:

Imagine someone gives you their email address via an opt-in form on your website. What happens next?

The person’s email can be automatically entered into your customer database as a potential lead. The CRM software can then perform tasks like sending out a series of emails or text messages and/or sending you reminder(s) to do certain actions. When you do interact with this new person, you can record the details so nothing is forgotten. Did their daughter just apply for a coveted scholarship? Did they just have a baby? Bought a Tesla?

The details matter.

Remembering the details shows someone you care. It makes them feel important. And if they feel important, you’ve just earned their loyalty. But as a sales person, you deal with a lot of people. You can’t possibly remember everything even if you want to. A CRM allows you to quickly access the details that matter, so you’re a rock star in your relationships.

Types of CRMs

There are many flavors of CRMs out there. Some provide a lot of features for large corporations and cost millions of dollars to implement (GASP!). Others have few features and cost nothing. It’s all over the map.

In addition to the particular features of a CRM, you have to decide where the CRM will be installed and run from. Example, some CRMs (like InfusionSoft) require you to sign into their system to access your customer data. These are called SAAS or Software as a Service. Other CRMs are stand alone applications, while others can run within your very own website.

A WordPress CRM

If you have a website, you’re probably familiar with WordPress. Over 74 million websites run on WordPress. Incredible right? So why have a WordPress CRM? As a WordPress user, you’re able to work in an environment you’re already familiar with. Your data is all contained within your website vs another 3rd party service. And another benefit, having a WordPress CRM plugin can cost a lot less than monthly SAAS options.

An Incredible WordPress CRM

So aren’t there other CRMs out there for WordPress? Sure, but some are bloated with features many people don’t need. Some are lacking in key features. Many of them are just too dang expensive — Even as a WordPress plugin.

Follow Hook™ delivers power with the bloat. It’s a relationship CRM focused on communicating with people. It doesn’t track sales pipelines or copies of proposals… Nope, not our cup of tea.

Follow Hook is all about helping you nurture relationships. It’s about turning people into loyal customers. We’ve designed Follow Hook to be simple, yet powerful. It has powerful tools to automate actions and protect important details that can make the difference in a “yes” and a “no.”

Supporting YOUR Customer Strategies

So again, what is a CRM? It SHOULD be a tool that fits in with your existing customer plans. How do you communicate? Is it different for specific groups of people? Do some want texts, others calls while others want a face to face? We invite you to check out the features of our WordPress CRM, and see if it’s the right fit for you. We’re excited that you may consider us for managing your customer relationships!

Remember, sales is about people. Treat them right. Put them first. Watch Jerry Maguire if you need help refocusing.

And above all, have fun!