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Best CRM for WordPress?

Best CRM for WordPress?

If your goal is nurturing relationships, Follow Hook can't be beat!

What’s Your Customer Strategy?

All business boils down to relationships, right?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a movie theater, grocery store or network marketer. When customer relationships suffer, business suffers.

Many companies have exceptional customer service, but fail in their customer strategy. There’s simply nothing worse than putting the time and effort into a customer acquisition, only to eventually hand them off to the competition just because you didn’t care about more than the initial sale.

All business boils down to one thing: Customer relationships.

One must remember that even in our marketing saturated, time pressured world, loyalty still comes from a relationships. If you’re on the hunt for the best CRM for WordPress, you must choose one that supports your customer strategy.

The Relationship CRM for WordPress

If your site is built on WordPress and you’re on the hunt for the best CRM, this could be your lucky day. But what do we mean by relationship CRM?

Great question.

You see, some CRMs get pretty complicated. They offer invoice tracking, quote tracking, income predictions, etc. Those are nice items for some businesses to have, but that’s now our take on customer relationships.

Follow Hook is tuned to nurture your relationships with both cold market and existing customers. This is done through a variety of tools including groups, campaigns, touchpoints and automation!

We Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

When you’re looking for the best CRM for WordPress, you’re going to find products that try to do it all. Hey, we respect the effort. But our opinion is to let those who do something well, continue to do it well.

Email Automation

Few companies do email automation better than ConvertKit or Mailchimp. Instead of designing a lack luster email tool, we decided to integrated with the best! Follow Hook Pro allows you to sync any group with ConvertKit or Mailchimp for single list management combined with exceptional email automation.

ConvertKit Automation can beautifully tie into Follow Hook!

Text Automation

For text marketing we partnered with the best out there: Project Broadcast. No other text marketing company offers the support, training, feature set and low cost of use that Project Broadcast delivers to their customers! With Follow Hook you can easily sync any group with a Project Broadcast campaign.

What About Niche Customer Data?

A key feature of any quality WordPress CRM should be the ability to handle niche customer data. Follow Hook does this with our custom fields. Add as many unique data fields to your customer database. Then map opt-in form fields to your custom data fields! It just doesn’t get better.


Follow Hook has you covered with GDPR as well! Create GDPR required pages which allow customers to manage their subscriptions on your site! You can specify both internal and external names for groups, assign default GDPR data to opt-in forms and more!

Automate Reminders

Follow Hook Touchpoints allow you to schedule reminders so details don’t fall through the cracks. A calendar view displays touchpoints due each day. Plus, you can group a series of touchpoints into a Campaign for sophisticated automation. Have 5 things you always want to do for a new customer? Create the campaign, tie it to a group and simply add new customers in!

A WordPress CRM Worth Consideration

We haven’t scratched the surface of potential, but we also know that Follow Hook isn’t the best CRM for WordPress in every situation. For example, if your definition of a CRM is tracking sales quotes and invoices, we’re not for you.

However, if you need a CRM for WordPress that will help you nurture relationships, provide organization and help keep details from falling through the cracks, Follow Hook could be the best choice for you!

If you have questions, simply use the form below to get in touch! You can download Follow Hook Free for basic CRM requirements, or tap into the power of Follow Hook Pro.

Thanks for considering us for your CRM requirements!

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