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ConvertKit Integration

ConvertKit Integration

Tap into the power of ConvertKit evergreen automation!
Although we’re fans of Mailchimp, ConvertKit takes email automation to the next level! And Follow Hook uses the official ConvertKit API to tap into this greatness. With ConvertKit you can tag people based on their interests, activity, and more. These tags can then be synced with Follow Hook Groups so your CRM knows what your email marketing is doing!

An Exceptional Email Builder

ConvertKit’s email builder is easy to use. They have an awesome selection of starter templates to make you look like a pro. Plus the ability to customize and save as many email templates as you like will save you mountains of time.

ConvertKit Sequences

ConvertKit Sequences

ConvertKit sequences are similar to Mailchimp automation. Basically it’s a string of emails timed out in a specific way to auto-deliver to people on your email list. Sequences can be attached to ConvertKit tags which sync with Follow Hook Groups!

ConvertKit Automation

ConvertKit Automations

Automations are where things really get exciting! With an automation you can masterfully plan out actions based on what people do and don’t do. It’s crazy sophisticated and ConvertKit even has common automation templates to get you started on the right foot.

And as you might have guessed, Follow Hook syncs with ConvertKit to launch any of your people into an automation. As new tags are applied throughout the automation, these are then passed back to Follow Hook.

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