Follow Hook Campaigns


Are You Playing Whac-A-Mole?

Ever get up in the morning and feel like you’ve jumped right into a Whac-A-Mole game? All day long you’re just pounding out fires in your network marketing business with the day wrapping in frustration? This is when you need automation working in the background to convert your cold market, welcome your new customers, nurture your seasoned buyers and train your builders.

Automation Will Save Your Sanity

Automation is a must have for any network marketer, and Follow Hook Campaigns will be a game changer for your customer strategies. Automate tasks (touchpoints) so that you can easily send out communications and remind yourself of to-do’s with a fraction of the normal time spent. You can access MailChimp email campaigns, Project Broadcast campaigns and MailChimp postcard mailings – all from within a Follow Hook Campaign!

Sophisticated Scheduling

With Follow Hook Campaigns you have a wide range of scheduling power. Add a touchpoint to the campaign and then select whether it should execute immediately, at a relative time from when the person was added, or even on an exact date. The scheduled touchpoints will then show up under each person’s info so you know exactly what’s going on.

Groups & Campaign Automation

Let’s say your network marketing endeavor is to sell healthy cleaning products. On your website there’s an opt in form to learn more. When someone submits their info, Follow Hook creates the new contact and adds them to the appropriate group. A campaign assigned to the group then executes a series of touchpoints without you lifting a finger! It just doesn’t get easier!

Harness the Power of MailChimp

If you’ve read about Follow Hook Pods you know they can be synced with MailChimp groups, thus opening up the world of email automation. Now imagine the possibilities of this with your campaigns! You can add a touchpoint to a campaign which will add a contact to a pod that’s synced with MailChimp automation.

Text Marketing with Project Broadcast

In the same way you can access MailChimp automation from a campaign, you can also take advantage of text marketing via our in-depth integration with Project Broadcast! This delivers insane power and potential to your Follow Hook Campaigns. It’s a must have for any network marketing professional!

It’s About Personal Connection

The ultimate goal of Follow Hook is to help you convert and nurture your cold market and customer base. Ask any network marketing professional who has seen people go inactive, and you’ll learn quickly that engagement matters.

Follow Hook Campaigns allow you to setup strategic, focused communications for niche groups to extend your personal reach without flooding the daily calendar. No other WordPress CRM offers this power and flexibility for your network marketing business!

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