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Contact Form 7 Integration | Follow Hook
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Contact Form 7 Integration

Contact Form 7 Integration

Create unlimited opt-in forms with Contact Form 7

Opt-In Forms

A primary tool used for building your cold market list and allowing existing customers to request additional information or services. Follow Hook integrates with one of the most popular form builders in WordPress: Contact Form 7. You can map fields from a CF7 form to custom fields within Follow Hook. This allows for an opt-in form to CRM flow that fits any type of business and customer.

Automatically Tag

Follow Hook Tags allow you to organize your customers for specific communications. When you associate a form with Follow Hook you can also assign a default tag for the form to use. This allows for hands-free automation from your lead generation pages since Tags can also be linked to Follow Hook Campaigns or MailChimp, ConvertKit and Project Broadcast automation!

The Most Popular WordPress Form

With over 5 million installations, Contact Form 7 is not just the most popular WordPress form, it’s one of the most popular WordPress plugins of all time. And the good news? It’s FREE. Simply create a CF7 form with your desired fields, then hop over to Follow Hook and map the form fields to your Follow Hook fields. Place the new form anywhere on your site and begin collecting customer data!

Email & Text Marketing Sync

With Follow Hook’s ability to sync tags with Mailchimp, ConverKit and Project Broadcast you now have an easy way to add people not just to your CRM, but to your email and text marketing automation using the same form! The sync works both ways, so you don’t have to administer multiple lists.

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