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The Simple WordPress CRM

It's not about the opt-in or the sale. It's about the follow-up. What're you doing after the hook?
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FollowHook™ Free is an official WordPress repository plugin!

"My business depends on constant communication with both my business builders and my customers. This CRM is a God send for my business."

— Sandi B.

Network Marketing Professional

"I don't have time to respond to people during the day. Follow Hook lets me show people they're important while I'm out serving my other customers."

— Eliseo L.

Home Remodeling Specialist

"I needed a way to capture customer data and automate responses. Follow Hook lets me do it under one hood. Talk about efficient! A+ for their support too."

— Kory B.

Car Dealership Owner

A CRM for the Modern Entrepreneur

Thanks for your interest in our WordPress CRM!

It was 2017 and I needed a WordPress based CRM for my customers who were primarily in direct sales and network marketing. After investing time and money in a couple solutions, it became clear that to get what I wanted, it had to be created from the ground up — And thus Follow Hook was born.

Follow Hook is focused, lean and powerful. It's also affordable. Our Pro version with support and training is only $47 a year!

Thanks again for checking us out! We're just at the beginning of a list of exciting features that modern entrepreneurs will love.

Kyler D. Boudreau
Theater Eleven Pictures | Outer Gain LLC

We Believe in WordPress

A CRM should be simple. Easy. Familiar.
So we built Follow Hook to run on the world’s most popular CMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use WordPress?

Yes. Follow Hook is a WordPress CRM plugin. So as long as your website is built with WordPress, this CRM is for you! If you don’t have a website and would like one, we highly recommend Outer Gain!

Does Follow Hook Send Emails?

There is a basic email tool built into Follow Hook, but our focus has been on allowing people to use the sophisticated tools they’re already familiar with. Follow Hook Pro offers two-way sync with Mailchimp© and ConvertKit© for exceptional email automation while only maintaining a single list!

Does Follow Hook Send Text Messages?

Similar to our ConvertKit© and Mailchimp© Sync, Follow Hook Pro also syncs with Project Broadcast©! Project Broadcast is hands down the most sophisticated and affordable text marketing application you can find. We’re proud to be the first and only WordPress CRM to integrate with this service!

Does It Work With My Opt-In Forms?

Follow Hook uses the wildly popular (and free) Contact Form 7 plugin. You can create unlimited opt-in forms on your site, and associate them with Follow Hook. Opt-in forms can automatically add people to specific groups, and also set GDPR data.

Can Touchpoints Be Scheduled?

Yes! You can not only scheduled touchpoints, but assign them to yourself or other members of your team so details don’t fall through the cracks.

Does Follow Hook Support Custom Fields?

You bet. Our focus is to provide a product that will flex to your niche environment, and custom fields for unique data is definitely a required component!

Follow Hook™ integrates with the right marketing tools.

We don't believe in reinventing the wheel. Instead we integrate with proven tools for email and text marketing! Explore CRM features.

It's About More Personal Attention

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