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Project Broadcast

Although the email inbox is still the highly sought after real estate for network marketers, text marketing has become wildly popular for lead nurturing, customer relations and education. One of the finest text marketing services to date? Project Broadcast. And Follow Hook is the first WordPress CRM to offer full integration with Project Broadcast!

Follow Hook and Project Broadcast

Follow Hook Touchpoints & Campaigns

Follow Hook is integrated with the Project Broadcast API allowing you to easily access text messaging tools from within Follow Hook Touchpoints and Campaigns! You can use automation to add tags to people in Project Broadcast. You can also trigger text messaging based on Follow Hook Pods.

No Single Way

If you have a network marketing business, you know there’s no single way to communicate with everyone. People are different. Some have flip phones and others never stop looking at their smart phones. Adding text marketing to your strategy as a network marketer is a very smart decision.

We’re excited about the endless possibilities this text marketing tool offers our customers! Read more about Project Broadcast here.

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