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Follow Hook Groups

Follow Hook Groups

Communicate & organize strategically with Follow Hook Groups!

Do You Like To Be Organized?

No CRM is complete without a way to organize your contacts, right? We have you covered with our easy-to-use Follow Hook Groups. You can use these in any way you choose to organize the people in your CRM.

Contacts be members of as many groups as desired!

Link Groups with Opt-In Forms

Follow Hook integrates with the wildly popular (and free) Contact Form 7 plugin. When you associate a CF7 form with Follow Hook, you can also select a Follow Hook Group to automatically add someone to when they opt-in. This is list organization on the fly, with the ability to create as many opt-in forms as needed on your WordPress site!

Setup as many opt-in forms as you need, and link each to a specific group!

Launch Automation

Follow Hook Groups can be associated with Campaigns to instantly launch a new or existing person into automation. For example, let’s assume you market healthy home cleaning products. You create a landing page with an opt-in form where people can signup for more information. The opt-in form instantly groups the person which then begins a series of touchpoints (tasks) that begin the process of nurturing this cold lead to a buying customer!

Sync With ConvertKit, Mailchimp & Project Broadcast!

We’re proud to offer seamless integration with the best email and text marketing platforms on the planet: ConvertKit, Mailchimp & Project Broadcast. Simply assign a Follow Hook Group to any 3rd party automation, for single-list administration and automation!

The CRM for Entrepreneurs

We believe in people. In relationships. In actually having time to spend with people by automating your business tasks — Specifically your customer relationship management. If you’re a small business owner or network marketing professional, you get it.

Hit us up with any questions you may have. Thanks for your interest in Follow Hook!

It's About More Personal Attention

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