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Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp Integration

Access cutting edge email automation by syncing with Mailchimp!

Few tools compare to Mailchimp email marketing! Other online marketing and CRM solutions attempt to build in their own email creation tools, but lack the sophistication of Mailchimp. So we decided to choose Mailchimp as one of our two favored 3rd party email integrations!

An incredible Email Builder

Mailchimp’s email builder is simply the coolest in town. We challenge anyone to find a better one. They have an arsenal of starter templates that make you look like a pro. Plus the ability to customize and save as many email templates as you like will save you mountains of time.

Organize with Groups

As you know, Follow Hook Groups allow you to organize your contacts for strategic, personal communications. Which of course is the entire point of a CRM in the first place! Follow Hook Groups sync with Mailchimp which allows you to tap into Mailchimp automation while maintaining just a single list! Mailchimp Groups + Follow Hook Groups = A massive win!

Send Postcards

Another crazy awesome reason to integrate our CRM with Mailchimp? CUSTOM POSTCARDS. You read that right! Did you know Mailchimp now features postcards? This means you can send hard copy mailings as part of a Follow Hook Campaign. Wow… it’s just getting better.

Lead Generation Pages

With Follow Hook, simply add a CF7 form to any page on your website, and use it for lead generation. What if your website doesn’t have good lead generation templates? Since Follow Hook works with Mailchimp, you can use Mailchimp’s free Landing Pages as well! All prospects who opt-in on your Mailchimp pages can then be created in Follow Hook when you sync a pod with a Mailchimp group.

Campaign Features You Need

Mailchimp provides common-sense campaign features that other heavy-weights are lacking. Mailchimp campaigns also provide a plethora of advanced options and triggers that will adapt to pretty much any customer strategy you can imagine!

A Massive Win, Win!

Can Follow Hook send emails from a campaign without requiring Mailchimp? Of course. Can you build your own lead generation pages on your website without Mailchimp? Absolutely! Can you go to the store and buy postcards, and then send them out one by one? Go for it.

However, if you want to empower and free-up your schedule, Follow Hook and Mailchimp together offer you the solution.

We wanted to invest the time to have a CRM that works with Mailchimp so that our customers have access to what we think is one of the most robust email marketing solution available today. Take advantage of this massive win for your customer relationship strategy!

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