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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Follow Hook™ is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Hey, it’s Kyler Boudreau here. That’s also me above, fly fishing Anini reef in Kauai. I’m a filmmaker and tech geek. Odd combo? Independent film doesn’t pay the bills, so many of us filmmakers have “day jobs.” Mine has been IT related for over 15 years now.

Where does the time go?

As I’ve worked with customers who have small businesses and WordPress sites, I realized there was a need for an affordable, feature-rich CRM that could be used from the comfort of the WordPress admin. Rich in features and low in price.

In 2018 we dove into designing such a WordPress CRM. My goal for Follow Hook is to provide a quality, full-featured CRM that is not just affordable, but designed around customer relationships. Follow Hook doesn’t try to be an ERP software suite. It’s not bloated with things like invoice or sales tracking. Follow Hook is designed all around communicating with people.

Whether you’re a network marketer, brick and mortar shop, an author or filmmaker, if your goal is to nurture relationships with a CRM that will flex to your unique customer strategies, Follow Hook is worth a look. Thanks for checking it out!

Kyler Boudreau

Founder / Front End Development
Kyler began his IT career in 1995. His experience ranges from network administration to web design and search engine optimization. After a decade in IT Kyler moved to Los Angeles to work as a filmmaker. When his wife climbed the ranks of a network marketing company, he then jumped into the world of online marketing. Now Kyler spends his time in both tech and film. Theater Eleven Pictures is his independent film company. And of course, fly fishing is a favorite past time. |

Sandi Boudreau

Marketing & Design
Sandi travelled the globe working with children before jumping into the world of technology and marketing. In 2008 Sandi was hired by a startup in Austin called Gowalla. At Gowalla Sandi managed one of their Facebook games, and within months of receiving the role she tripled the income of the product. After Gowalla Sandi worked for a couple other startups before jumping into the world of essential oils. Sandi began working with Young Living products, and became one of the fastest growing network marketers in Young Living’s history. She’s currently a Crown Diamond while working on her own creative projects. Sandi provides an unmatched look into the world of network marketing and community management which strengthens the Follow Hook offering.

Ian Jafty

Lead Software Engineer
Ian is a professional web developer (since 2001) from Ohio. Ian has his own web development, training and consultancy company called Jafty Interactive. Ian has a strong focus on backend development and architecture, and is known for lightweight, clean development. Since 2011 he's been blogging about all sorts of programming-related topics on his website. And as you can see, in his free time he has a soft spot for rebuilding cool bikes.

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