Contact Management

Manage Your Customer Base

The bedrock of any network marketing CRM should be built around people, with the ability to store information pertinent to your business. With Follow Hook™ this is definitely the case!

Custom Fields

Follow Hook is designed to adapt to a wide range of customer strategies, and custom fields are a crucial part of this. You can create unlimited custom fields to store unique information for your niche customers. Maybe it’s a favorite product? Monthly ordering volume? Sponsor? Member rank?

This is the dream CRM for any small business owner or network marketer!

Organize with Pods

Follow Hook Pods allow you to easily group contacts for any purpose. New contacts can automatically be added to a pod when it is associated with an opt-in form. Example: New signups to your network marketing business can be added to a pod that’s tied to automation! Pods can also be synced with MailChimp or Project Broadcast for focused and streamlined communications! You can also export a CSV from your back office, and import all of your customer base.

Follow Hook Pods

Scheduled Touchpoints

A touchpoint is exactly what it sounds like: An email, phone call, meeting or text message used to stay in touch with customers. Follow Hook Touchpoints can be scheduled by type, and include a notes area so important details don’t fall through cracks. They can also be set to be recurring touchpoints for easy, monthly reminders. Follow Hook Touchpoints can also be assigned to specific leaders of your network marketing team.

Person Calendar View

Quickly see upcoming automation and to-do items on the calendar tab of any person in your CRM. From here you can schedule new touchpoints and quickly view details on past events, making contact management even easier.

The Ultimate Network Marketing Solution

Follow Hook provides the foundation you need for nurturing your cold market to paying customers, and the tools you need to maintain those relationships along with training business builders! If you’re a network marketer and have been frustrated with seeing people go inactive in your business, it’s time to start cultivating those relationships.

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