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Contact Management

Contact Management

Organize your people in the way it makes sense for your niche market!

Manage Your Customer Base

The bedrock of any CRM should be built around people, with the ability to store custom, detailed information pertinent to your niche business. With Follow Hook™ this is definitely the case!

Custom Fields

Follow Hook is designed to adapt to a wide range of customer strategies, and custom fields are a crucial part of this. You can create unlimited custom fields to store unique information for your unique customers. Maybe it’s a favorite product? Monthly ordering volume? Sponsor? Member rank? Or favorite movie.

This is the dream CRM for any entrepreneur!

Organize with Tags & Segments

Follow Hook Tags allow you to easily group contacts for any purpose. Have a group of new customers who like a certain product? You can tag them all.
Follow Hook Segments are more of a general grouping. Think macro for segments and micro for tags.

Example: Let’s say you have a segment called customers, and then within that you have customers tagged based on their specific product interests. When you have a general communication for everyone, use the segment. For more granular communications you’d do it by tag.


A touchpoint is exactly what it sounds like — Any type of interaction with another person: Email, phone call, meeting or text message. Follow Hook Touchpoints can be scheduled by type, and include a notes area so important details don’t fall through cracks. Follow Hook Touchpoints can also be assigned to specific people who are members of your WordPress site!

Person Calendar View

Quickly see upcoming automation and to-do items on the calendar tab of any person in your CRM. From here you can schedule new touchpoints and quickly view details on past events, making contact management even easier.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur CRM

Follow Hook provides the foundation and tools you need to nurture your cold market to paying customers and maintain those relationships long term! If you’ve been frustrated with seeing people go inactive in your business, it’s time to start reeling them back in!

It's About More Personal Attention

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