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An Entrepreneur’s CRM for WordPress

An Entrepreneur’s CRM for WordPress

Lean and powerful, it's the ultimate CRM for the modern entrepreneur.

This is Kyler, founder of Follow Hook. Thanks for your interest in our WordPress CRM!

So how is Follow Hook a great CRM for an entrepreneur? What is a modern entrepreneur anyway?

According to Drew Downs, co-founder of Nuvango:

“An entrepreneur is someone who prefers a life of boundless uncertainty to that of predictability and chooses to bet on themselves before anyone else.”

I totally dig Drew’s definition. As in LOVE IT!

But unless you have millions just sitting around waiting to be spent, in addition to betting on yourself, you’re nurturing a lot of relationships. That’s how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Follow Hook is focused on relationships.

Our WordPress CRM is not about tracking sales quotes or invoices. It’s simply dedicated to follow-up with both your cold market and existing customer base. To helping you automate, stay organized and on top of to-dos.

This makes for a powerful yet lightweight WordPress CRM.

A WordPress CRM Created by Entrepreneurs

My wife and I live outside of the 8-5 grind. I own a technology company and an independent film company. My wife is a highly successful network marketer.

In 2017 I needed a CRM to offer my customer base who were all using WordPress. After investing time and money in a couple solutions, it became clear that to get what I wanted, I had to do it myself — This is how Follow Hook was born.

Fast forward to 2019.

All the Tools Without the Price

Follow Hook takes the pain out of the WordPress CRM game. Instead of riddling you with multiple extensions to buy, we have a single pro version that rings in at only $47 a year. This includes support and training!

Hey, we get it — You’ve got enough to spend money on! We want to keep our solution affordable for today’s modern entrepreneur.

Thanks for letting me ramble. Hey, we filmmakers like to talk! I hope you’ll give Follow Hook a try. If it’s missing a feature you need, let me know. Our development list is constantly evolving!

Follow Hook Features

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