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on November 25, 2018

We Review The App That’s Taking Over Text Marketing

Although the email inbox is still the highly sought after real estate for online marketers, text marketing has become wildly popular for lead nurturing, customer relations and education. Leading the pack is a rather new service named Project Broadcast.

Project Broadcast stands out from other texting solutions with their personal touch, high level of customer service and unlimited contacts, keywords and templates. They also roll over unused credits each month so you’re not paying for something you’re not using. Everybody loves rollover!

Admin Interface

Project Broadcast has apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play. You can also sign into their site via a browser on your computer, however most of the admin tools are not available when using a browser. If you prefer to work from your computer, this is a strike against them, but we’ve also heard the browser admin will be updated second half of 2018.

We tested Project Broadcast using the iPhone app and the admin is thorough and intuitive. Getting to messages requires stepping through the campaign editor and it would be nice to have this as a separate menu item, but we still give the admin interface an A+.


If you’ve tried other competing solutions, you’ve probably seen limits on the number of contacts you can add. Project Broadcast has ZERO limits on contacts! Plus you can add custom fields to full adapt to your customer list. Since the foundation of text marketing and your CRM is in fact contacts/people, we love these features!

Text Campaigns

The core of any text marketing service is automation, and Project Broadcast doesn’t disappoint. They offer six different  campaign options:

Drip Campaign

Multiple messages sent out with specified delays based on the time a contact joins the campaign. Example: 7 text messages scheduled to send out over a 2 week period.


Multiple messages sent to contacts based on a day and hour delay from when they join the campaign.


Multiple messages sent to contacts based on a specific date and time.


One message sent to contacts repeatedly based on a date and frequency.


One message sent out to contacts every year on their birthday.


One message sent out to contacts every year on their anniversary.

We found all parts of creating a campaign to be simple and straightforward. We also dig the helpful messages Project Broadcast provides at different steps, especially for people not used to any type of campaign creation and editing.

Campaign Creation

The first screenshot below shows the campaign edit screen on iPhone. As you can see, easy as pie. Project Broadcast supports tags for contacts, which makes targeted campaigns extremely easy.

Message Creation

Creating messages is also simple. As mentioned above, we couldn’t find an easy way to access the general list of messages. It seems you must first edit a campaign to then see the list of all your available messages. Not a huge deal, but would be nice to have direct access from the menu.

When creating a message you can choose from message templates (that you create) and then set a delivery delay and exact message time — Perfect precision!

Project Broadcast Campaigns

Tip: Naming is very important for your messages. We recommend starting related messages with the same name. For example, “new customer – ” and then the rest of the identifying name. Project Broadcast sorts messages based on their send date and time. If you have a lot of messages, this means things could get confusing fast if your naming is off.

Message Templates

If you do anything on a computer, you know templates save tons of time. With Project Broadcast, you can easily create and save as many templates as needed, in a user friendly interface.

Project Broadcast Templates

Dynamic Fields

Project Broadcast can pull any information from your saved contacts, and insert this into the message. When used correctly, dynamic fields make your messages very personal and engaging, which is what it’s all about.


If you’re not familiar with tags, they’re simply a way to organize your contacts. A tag is like a group or a container. You can create a tag called ‘New Customers’ and add people to this tag group. Then you have the option to send a message to everyone tagged with ‘New Customers.’ And if you’re wondering if you can specify multiple tags for the same message send — yes you can!


As you’ll soon learn, the only thing that will limit your text marketing with Project Broadcast is creativity. Keywords are another feature that gives you all sorts of cool options. In its simplest form, a keyword is a word that people can text to your Project Broadcast number in order to join a campaign.

But there’s more! You can setup keywords to then auto tag a contact with that keyword, reply with a specific message, reply with a CTA and more! We promise, you’re going to love experimenting with keywords and the power they bring to your messaging campaigns.


Boasting unlimited keywords, incoming messages, incoming calls and contacts, Project Broadcast definitely has fair pricing options. And as mentioned above, unused credits roll over.

Follow Hook and Project Broadcast

We love Project Broadcast’s features and support for text marketing, and have chosen to integrate Follow Hook exclusively with their service. This means you have seamless access to Project Broadcast texting services from within your Follow Hook dashboard and campaigns!

Read more about Project Broadcast text marketing here, and contact us if you have any questions!

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