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Touchpoints – Never Miss A To-Do

What’s a touchpoint? Any type of interaction with a person. A phone call, text message, email, postcard or meet up for coffee. And if you’re a network marketer or direct sales business owner, you have touchpoints with a lot of people all of the time!

The incredible power of Follow Hook Touchpoints comes in both history and scheduling. You can schedule touchpoints based on your unique customer strategy. Does someone need a call in a week? Does an email need to auto send next month? Does someone need a weekly text message? All of the above?

Follow Hook Touchpoints

Schedule Emails & Text Messages

A common touchpoint is email, and Follow Hook Touchpoints allow you to compose text-based emails to auto send to a contact on a specific day and time. Follow Hook also provides seamless integration with MailChimp allowing you to sync Follow Hook Pods (groups) with MailChimp groups. It’s a beautiful thing!

Quickly View History

Keeping people active in your network marketing company is about products sure, but people need to also feel valued. When you remember details that are important to others, it shows that you care. Follow Hook allows you to easily view past touchpoints on a person by person basis. Did you get coffee and talk about their daughter applying for a scholarship? Were they hoping to discuss something specific the next time you talk? The details matter. Show them you care!


Automation is crucial for any network marketing business owner. You can combine touchpoints and build sophisticated campaigns that can be applied to entire pods (groups) of people! Follow Hook is the simple yet powerful WordPress CRM you’ve been looking for! Read more about Follow Hook Campaigns.

Do you have specific questions about Follow Hook Touchpoints? Just hit us up any time via the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks for your interest in the leading network marketing CRM for WordPress!

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