When a CRM is a Bad Idea

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on January 31, 2018

If you’re new to the term CRM we recommend you read about what they are first. If you know what a CRM is, then here we are: When is having one a bad idea? To talk through this, we’re going to compare the sales cycle to farming. Cultivating plants and people though different, share similarities.

1. When You Don’t Have A Strategy

If you purchase a field before you know what you’re planting, you could lose a lot of money. Do you want an apple orchard or corn? In the same way a CRM is a bad idea if you know have a clear customer plan. What’s the goal? The strategy? Software will not do anything magical without a plan. You need to know who you’re selling to. How do you plan on nurturing a lead to a buying customer? What about customer retention? What’s your plan to keep them loyal to you? Is it sending out hand written thank you notes? A text? Phone call? What? Figure these things out first, then pick the CRM that matches what you need.

2. When You Don’t Have Time To Plant

Purchasing a field, but then failing to plant is a complete waste of time and money. If you don’t have time to develop a USP, focus on a niche group, prep opt-in pages and collect data on potential customers and/or properly input your existing customer base, a CRM is a bad idea. It isn’t going to do anything for you.

The great news? Follow Hook™ is a WordPress CRM that easily integrates with your website, and the extremely popular Contact Form 7 plugin. Follow Hook also allows you to easily import existing contacts via a CSV file.

3. When You Don’t Water & Fertilize

If you purchase a field, plant your seeds and then expect everything to take care of itself, you’ve wasted even more time and money. A CRM doesn’t perform any magic. It can help you in many ways with reminders, notes and automation, but a CRM is simply a database designed to track the details. It’s a people business. You have to follow up. You have to keep it real.

Customers need more than an email to be loyal. They need personal attention. If you can’t do that, a CRM is a bad idea. On the bright side, Follow Hook provides multiple ways for you to remember important info, connect with people and not forget crucial to-do items. Follow Hook is the WordPress CRM that keeps details from falling through the cracks.

4. When You Don’t Understand The Needs

The needs of an apple tree are different than the needs of a stalk of corn. A CRM can’t help you if you don’t understand these. People are the same way. Some prefer to communicate with you only over email. Others need a phone call, while others want the occasional face to face. You must know your customers and meet their needs to properly cultivate the relationship.

5. When You Don’t Monitor

Let’s say you purchase your field (CRM), plant the seeds (add customers) and even water (follow up). That’s great! But if that’s all you do, a CRM is still a waste. You need to look at the overall picture. Are crows eating your crops? Are there weeds hindering a sale? Has your potential or existing customer base been responsive to your efforts? Have they gone somewhere else?

You must pay attention to your crops. Don’t take things for granted. Analyze what’s going on with your people. If your methods are not returning good results, they need to change. Follow Hook provides easy reports to track the information you need to know! All within your WordPress site.

It’s Up To You

There’s no way around it: It’s up to you. A CRM is a bad idea if you’re not committed to the work.

Do you want your CRM to bring in the results? You have to put in the time. However, if you do put in the elbow grease, your CRM will partner with you, and help make the magic happen. You’ll see potential customers go from cold to hot, and you’ll maintain a loyalty with your existing customers!

We believe in a quality CRM. We also believe in the need and responsibility to connect with people. Follow Hook is the best WordPress CRM available to help you do just that! Try us out today – you’ll not be disappointed.

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