What Does a CRM Do?

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on February 8, 2018

Are you wondering what a CRM can do for your company? There are MANY flavors of CRMs floating around the galaxy. They offer a wide range of features with an equally wide span of complexity and price tags. In this article we’re discussing CRM features for small businesses and network marketing professionals.

CRM Defined

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system offers phenomenal benefits to any business. But a CRM cannot plan your marketing. It doesn’t know your customers or products. It will not overhaul issues that are the result of zero customer strategy. But just like QuickBooks can help a business get organized with their finances, a CRM can do wonders for those with a marketing plan.

Get Your People Details Organized

Remember the days when you used Post-It notes to set reminders? You’ve probably evolved to at least a calendar accessible from your laptop and smart phone. But where’s your customer data? Is it in an Access database? A spreadsheet? Accounting software? All of the above?

Is Your Data Spread Too Thin?

Customer data spread too thin is a setup for failure. We live in a merciless market. Someone is always courting your customers. The minute you drop the ball, it could be over. So what does a CRM do? Step one is centralizing customer data that pertains to sales and marketing. Things like:

  1. General Information (Name, address, email)
  2. Personal notes (family, interests, etc.)
  3. Scheduled to-do items
  4. Touchpoint history (all the ways you’ve communicated and what happened)

If you converse with a lot of people, you’re not going to recall all the fine details of each conversation. Maintaining organized customer records allows you to remember to ask the important questions. So when you talk to them next, you can say things like, “How’d that golf tournament go?” or “How’s Mike liking his first year at Berkley?” Those questions show you care. When you care you breed loyalty.

Touchpoint Automation

A touchpoint is a term for any interaction or attempted interaction with a person. Meet-up for coffee, talk on the phone, send an email, a text – you name it. A transcript of your touchpoints is critical so details aren’t forgotten, and a CRM allows you to do just that.

The next step up from touchpoint schedule and recording is automation. With a quality CRM you can schedule emails, texts and reminders on into the future. You can also create custom templates to easily apply to different customers or groups of people within your CRM.

Example: Let’s say you love the Chicago Bulls. And over the course of time, you meet other new customers (as well as potential and existing customers) who also like the Bulls. Great! You create a Chicago Bulls group in your CRM and add them. Then when you want to connect about sports, you can easily converse with everyone, yet they’ll see the communication as personalized. Awesome right?

Customer Organization

People are all unique, hence one of the reasons for a CRM. But sometimes time can be saved with groups. Are you a network marketer? Maybe all new sign-ups would benefit from a specific touchpoint automation campaign! Or maybe you as you talk to customers, some of they wish you sold a certain type of product. You know that product is in the pipeline, and you can add each of them to a group for a very targeted announcement. You get the idea. Any CRM worth its salt with allow you to easily organize your customers into groups or segments.

CRM Analytics

Customer Analytics

Another must have feature of any CRM is analytics. Let’s say a woman named Sandi opts in for an email series on your site. Within the email series are links to products you offer. Sandi clicks on a product link and visits the page on your website, but then leaves. Sandi doesn’t make the purchase, and she doesn’t view any other information. Without analytics you’d never know this.

With analytics, Sandi is identified by her IP address which is matched to her person document in your CRM. The CRM tracks her specific activity on your website. When you see the product interest you can shoot her a custom message, custom text or pick up the phone and call. This is just one of many examples where analytics from your CRM can come in very handy.

It’s All About Your Strategy

It’s important to ask what a CRM can do for your business. It’s even more important to have a customer strategy in place. When you do, a quality CRM can help you learn a lot about your customers, and fine tune your efforts. But don’t spend money on software until you know what you’re doing with your customers. What types of communication to existing customers prefer? Email? Phone calls? Skype?

Casting the same marketing strategy over all of your customers isn’t always the most effective way to handle things. If a customer would prefer text messages, you don’t want to be calling them. If they’d prefer a phone call, don’t just send an email. Got it? Once you have your plan laid out, then look for the CRM that will handle it. Then say hello to increased business!

You Have To Be Willing

If you open a savings account with an incredible interest rate, but never deposit money, the savings account is useless to you. On no fault of its own. The same goes for a CRM. Using one will actually take a little more time at first, and even ongoing. But the payoff for that time spent will be multiplied. When properly used, it can help you cultivate your relationships so that cold customers turn hot and customer retention is increased.

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