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Written by
Kyler Boudreau
on February 2, 2019

It’s a People Business

Network marketers spend every day going after new business and raising up new leaders. It’s a high octane, people business where growth is a direct result of one’s investment in others.

Are you a network marketer? Then you get it!

So how do you add more hours to the day when you’re in those seasons of hustle? You need to find a bedrock solution for managing your cold market and existing customer base.

A Powerful Conversion Engine

As a network marketer, you probably have a website setup with opt-in forms and autoresponders… right?

Follow Hook is an autoresponder on steroids. It allows you to bring email marketing, text marketing and direct mail platforms under a single hood to work together as a sophisticated marketing engine.

No longer do you manage people on your website and in MailChimp and in a text marketing platform!

Organized Information

With Follow Hook you can export your downline and import all information relevant to your business (rank, monthly volume, etc). You can also group people into pods for organized communications. Maybe you want to group by rank, sponsor or other criteria? The power is there and ready to serve you!

Network Marketing Training

Training & Nurturing Business Builders

To unleash the power of any network marketing business, you must train leaders. Wouldn’t it be nice if leader training was like a cell’s mitosis? Simply sign up a new business builder and transfer your network marketing “DNA” for instant replication and growth?

Don’t you wish network marketing training could be like a cell’s mitosis?

The problem? People don’t operate at the speed of cells.

However, with Follow Hook Campaigns you can create your own “DNA transferring” tasks that will take new builders by the hand, and guide them through the information they need to get started, at a pace they can handle.

Network Marketing Team Sites

Follow Hook & Team Sites

There’s an indisputable fact with any network marketing venture:

It’s a team effort.

Team sites can be an effective tool in the tool chest for promoting business builders. They typically feature profile pages for builders, a back office learning management system (LMS) for business training and more (example Outer Gain).

So how does Follow Hook take it to the next level?

Follow Hook Helps Protect Leads

We spoke with a top-level network marketer and learned that followup was sometimes a problem. Potential customers would find the team site in Google search, contact a team member via a form on their business page, and then never hear back. Not a good situation!

Capture lead information into your CRM so potential customers are not lost!

Follow Hook provides a solution by integrating the contact form on each member’s profile with a Follow Hook Pod. Now when a cold lead contacts a member, the information is also added to a pod which allows for strategic followup. Say goodbye to leads lost due to busy schedules!

Extend a Learning Management System

Even a well structured Learning Management System (LMS) can render a leader detached from team participation. Follow Hook Campaigns take learning to the mitosis level with strategic communications that, when implemented effectively, allow blossoming leaders to self-navigate in an easy-to-follow manner.

It’s Time to Clear Your Schedule

Whether you’re trying to warm up your cold market or train new business leaders, Follow Hook places powerful, organized tools at your finger tips. If you’re a network marketing professional pulled in too many directions, it’s time for you to cry “Freedom!” It’s time to enjoy the life that your business model promises by reducing manual tasks while extending your reach.

I want to try Follow Hook!

Kyler Boudreau | Follow Hook
Written By
Kyler Boudreau

Kyler Boudreau is a filmmaker and online marketing specialist. He is also a network marketer, part of his wife’s highly successful team in Young Living. Read more at

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