The Follow Hook Story

Follow Hook was started by a team of network marketers after they were frustrated with the lack of quality CRM options for WordPress websites. Available CRMs were either bloated with features that didn’t apply to network marketers, lacking features or over priced.

Why is a CRM So Important?

Ever heard of King Solomon from Jewish history? He has a book of wise proverbs. One of them says this:

“A lazy man does not roast his game, but a diligent man prizes his possession.” – Proverbs 12:27

All too often it’s all about the sale or the sign-up. About the hook. The catch. We convert someone only to drop the ball with follow-up. It just doesn’t make sense. We need to “roast” our game. We need to follow up after the hook.

A lazy man does not roast his game, but a diligent man prizes his possession.

A lack of follow-up equals people going inactive. Then we have to get new people to take their place – it’s a vicious cycle. It makes no more sense than the hunter King Solomon spoke of.

Where is the FREEDOM?

Network marketing is supposed to bring freedom, right? Ask anyone who’s read the Four Year Career, and they’ll tell you they want it bad. But the more people you enroll as a network marketer, and the larger your team grows, the more packed your calendar can become… Trust us, we know!

Follow Hook is a powerful tool focused on staying in touch with people without saturating your schedule. Whether that be prospects, customers or business builders.

It’s time to Follow Up after the Hook. It’s time to reap the rewards of your hard work, by building loyalty and relationships with your existing customer base!

Meet the Follow Hook Team

Follow Hook™ is still designed and supported by this same team of network marketers! We know what it’s like to be down in the trenches of the business. 100% of our software development and support is handled right here in the United States.

Kyler Boudreau

Kyler began his IT career in 1995. He sold IBM equipment and servers, performed network administration, web design and search engine optimization for both small and medium-sized companies. In 2005 Kyler went to film school and began working in the entertainment industry. When his wife began climbing the ranks in network marketing, he jumped into the world of online marketing. Now Kyler spends his time in both the computer world and the film industry. He has worked on video crews for marketing tycoons like Perry Marshall, Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy and James Malinchak as well as his own independent film projects. Kyler is owner of Theater Eleven Pictures, founder of Follow Hook and a co-founder of Outer Gain.


Sandi Boudreau

Sandi travelled the globe working with children before jumping into the world of technology and marketing. In 2008 Sandi was hired by a startup in Austin called <i>Gowalla</i>. At Gowalla Sandi managed one of their Facebook games, and within months of receiving the role she tripled the income of the product. After Gowalla Sandi worked for a couple other startups before jumping into the world of essential oils. Sandi began working with Young Living products, and became one of the fastest growing network marketers in Young Living’s history. She’s currently a Crown Diamond while working on her own creative projects. Sandi provides an unmatched look into the world of network marketing and community management which strengthens the Follow Hook offering.