Niche Markets & Custom Fields

Written by
Kyler Boudreau
on January 2, 2019

Custom fields?

We know what you’re thinking. “Boring.”

Give us 20 seconds and you’ll think custom fields are the coolest thing on the planet. Well, at least one of the coolest things.

Your Niche Focus

In your business you have unique customers, right? Whether you’re a network marketer and selling essential oils, gym memberships or a local farmer and selling free range eggs, you’re after a niche market with unique needs.

Let’s run through and example with free range eggs.

Are your customers into standard white/brown eggs or do some prefer blue-colored eggs from Araucana chickens? Maybe others want quail eggs? Duck eggs?

This doesn’t just affect the ordering process. If affects your cold market and customer retention strategies. And this is where custom fields come into play.

Has it been 20 seconds? No! Just 15.

Targeted Communication

Custom fields allow you to add new fields to your contacts for storing information specific to your customer base. For example: Preferred egg color. Sponsor. Monthly ordering volume. Rank.

Plus, you can filter on, and communicate with people, based on these custom fields.

You can filter on and communicate with people based on custom fields.

Queue the 20 second aha moment!

Are you understanding the power of this?

Let’s say you want to send out a text or email to everyone who purchases quail eggs. Or maybe you just expanded the duck pond and want to thank your loyal duck-egg-customers.

When you send out targeted communications based on personal interests, people feel valued. This breeds loyalty.

More Than Egg Color

What’s your business, and what information can you use to make customers feel appreciated? Maybe it’s a custom field for people’s rank in a network marketing business. A custom field for someone’s brand of furnace in an HVAC business. Pool size in a pool service business. The possibilities are endless.

And while not all CRMs adequately support custom fields, Follow Hook supports them 100%. They’re simple to use and you can add as many as your niche business requires!

Step Up Your Game

Follow Hook is one of the most flexible WordPress CRM plugins to date. It’s built in the USA by business owners for business owners. We have extensive experience in entertainment, network marketing and brick and mortar sales.

Are you ready to harness the power of Follow Hook for your customer strategies? Hop over and try us risk free for 15 days.

You’ll not be disappointed!

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Kyler Boudreau | Follow Hook
Written By
Kyler Boudreau

Kyler Boudreau is a filmmaker and online marketing specialist. He is also a network marketer, part of his wife’s highly successful team in Young Living. Read more at

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