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Written by
Kyler Boudreau
on March 11, 2019

So you’ve done it! You’re now a network marketer.

You’ve found a solid company with quality products. You’ve read The Four Year Career. You’ve signed up a few people and then helped them sign up a few people.


But that’s just the beginning…

It’s Not About The Signup

Your job as a network marketer is not to sign people up. Your job is to create loyal customers. That’s where recurring revenue really shines. Stay in the business long enough, and you’ll be asking, “How do I manage contact followup in a network marketing business?”

Your job as a network marketer is not to sign people up. Your job is to create loyal customers.

To keep people engaged, you need a good network marketing contact management system. Because what happens with no followup? Customers go inactive.


Then new signups are needed to fill the space, or your monthly check drops. It can be a vicious cycle.

Don’t sacrifice the work you did for a signup, just to lose them because you don’t have a good contact management system.

Take Control of Customer Followup

Maybe you’re saying, “I’m not losing many people to an inactive status.”

Awesome! But wait a second…

Even if your customers are not going inactive, is their monthly ordering volume what it could be? Produc education equals increased monthly volume.

Product education equals increased monthly volume.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your products are. Most people simply will not research on their own. You need to nurture them. They need product training in small, bite-sized doses.

“But I don’t have enough time.”

We hear you. The double-edged sword of any network marketing business is the promise of freedom combined with the challenge of followup. The more people you enroll, the more people you have to keep up with. This can turn into a stressful schedule really fast.

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So what’s the solution to managing customer followup as a network marketer?

You need to automate.

You need a network marketing contact management system that can provide you with personalized automation via multiple platforms like MailChimp (email), Project Broadcast (text marketing). You need a system that can remind you or other business builders of to-do items. You need one place to store customer data so details don’t fall through the cracks.

Step 1: Cold Market Automation

Step 1 is getting that signup, and one of the methods you should be employing is going after people online. If you invest in SEO and/or SEM to get your site to rank in Google search, the next job is to grab that email address and build your list.

As people are added to your cold market list, you need to drip information to them to win the conversion. This can all be done in a personalized manner without you being involved.

Step 2: New Customer Followup

Once someone does sign up with you, they need to feel valued and they need to learn about the products. This can all be automated via email, text and even direct mail with your network marketing contact management system.

Business Builder Training

The golden discovery in network marketing is to finding others who want to build the business. Am I right?

But just like customers who are new to products, business builders are often brand new to… building a business! You can also use your contact management system to group builders and guide them along the way.

All while not saturating your daily schedule.

The Network Marketing CRM

The official term for the tool we’re after is a customer resource management system or CRM.

And the good news? We have one! Follow Hook™ is the simple yet powerful CRM designed by network marketers for network marketers. It’s 100% made in America, and it helps you manage customer followup in a network marketing or direct sales business.

It’s the tool that will help you reach your goal of freedom!

Sign up for our contact management tips below for a coupon to receive 25% off your purchase. Or read more about Follow Hook features!

Kyler Boudreau | Follow Hook
Written By
Kyler Boudreau

Kyler Boudreau is a filmmaker and online marketing specialist. He is also a network marketer, part of his wife’s highly successful team in Young Living. Read more at

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