Custom Fields

Watch the lesson at Follow Hook University: Custom Fields

A crucial part of Follow Hook is the ability to create Custom Fields for your People. Custom fields allow you to fully adapt the CRM to your unique customers and business.

Example: Let’s say you’re in network marketing. You can add a custom field for people’s rank. Another for their sponsor, monthly order amounts, etc. Then when you import monthly data, you can map the incoming fields to your custom fields!

1) In your WordPress Admin go to Follow Hook > Custom Fields.

Label just identifies the field in the admin.

Field Type is the type of field you want to make available. For example: If you wanted to add a field to save someone’s favorite product, add a text field.

2) Now you can access the custom field when editing or creating a person. Go to Follow Hook > People. Edit or create a new person, and you’ll see the new custom field you just created.

That’s it! Now you can not only record important information, but you can filter on any of these fields for targeted communications!