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on September 22, 2018

The term “data driven” has been around for awhile, but it’s still valid. In fact it’s crucial. Data driven marketing is one of the best things you can do for your marketing efforts. It can increase click-through rates, increase page conversion and basically bring you more business.

So What is Data Driven Marketing?

Quite simply, it’s using information you know about people (or have record of) to improve your sales. How? By delivering contextually relevant marketing. Data driven marketing will not only increase your conversion rates, but it will increase loyalty by only sending relevant information to customers. Let’s look at a few examples:

Grocery Stores

Let’s say you run a grocery store and track what people purchase. You notice that certain people always purchase organic chicken. So when you want to get them back in the store, you send an email or text blast out stating, “Organic Chicken Sale.” This same email sent to everyone, would fall on deaf ears with vegetarians, and show them the store doesn’t really care about their customers.

HVAC Company

How can an HVAC company use data driven marketing? By taking inventory of what equipment customers have, along with details of the home or building. Sure, it might take extra time for a technician to plug this stuff in, but the pay-off can be huge.

When Nest or Honeywell introduces a new thermostat for zoned installations, and they know what their customers have, relevant marketing can be easily sent out. If an HVAC company sends out an email blast about furnace cleaning specials to their heat pump customers, not only is it a waste of time, it shows the customer they aren’t really cared about. And that’s very bad news.

Lawn Mowing

This example was talked about at WordStream, and cites a lawn care company experiencing poor performance with their Google Ads. They looked into census data and realized they were marketing to price-conscientious neighborhoods.

So they simply adjusted their ads to say, “The Cheapest Lawn Mowing in Nashville. Lawn mowing from $20.” Guess what happened? 200% increase in click-through rates on the ads, and 30% increase for website conversion.

Nice, right? Data driven marketing sounds basic, because it is. But how often do we blast emails out to a list of people without really targeting data to make the email contextually relevant? It’s like casting any lure you can find into the lake without studying what fish are in the lake, and what they like to eat. If you cast in the right spot with the right type of bait, your changes of catching fish increase dramatically.

Tracking the Data

So you’re sold on the value of data driven marketing. Great. But how do you get the data? A million ways. Back to the grocery story example above, they give out discount cards in exchange for phone and/or email. Done! Maybe you have a lawn or HVAC business? Do you keep track of the details what will make customers feel important and allows you to send relevant marketing?

With a website, you can track what people do. What emails they open. What links they click. You can send out surveys in exchange for a downloadable or coupon. It’s different for each niche and the sky’s the limit. How can you learn about prospective customers, and how can you discover more about your existing customer base?

Storing Customer Data

You’ve figured out a way to get new data. Now where do you put it? A spreadsheet? No. You keep it in a customer resource management (CRM) system. A CRM is a powerful tool to support and automate your customer strategies. Example: You can create unique fields for customers (grass type, furnace type, etc) in order to store important data. Then you can filter on this info for targeted marketing.

The Best CRM for WordPress

Follow Hook was born out of a need for an affordable, customizable CRM for WordPress. Are there other WordPress CRMs out there? You bet! But they’re either lacking in features, packed with too many features or simply too expensive. Follow Hook is designed for bloggers, network marketing professionals and small business owners. It’s not meant to track purchase orders. It’s not meant to send quotes out. Follow Hook is designed to help you nurture potential and existing customers. To strengthen relationships. To increase conversion and bring in business.

We invite you to try the best WordPress CRM on the planet! Let Follow Hook support your customers strategies, especially your data driven marketing. We know you’ll wonder how you got along without us for this long!

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