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CRMs & Data Driven Marketing;

CRMs & Data Driven Marketing

April 22, 2018

Want to increase your conversion rates? Send out more targeted communications? It's time for data driven marketing with Follow Hook.

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The WordPress CRM;

The WordPress CRM

March 11, 2018

Basing your customer relationship management system on WordPress keeps you in a familiar environment and can help you lower your costs!

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What Does a CRM Do?;

What Does a CRM Do?

February 8, 2018

Are you wondering what a CRM can actually do for your company? There are many flavors of CRMs out there, and they offer a lot of different things. Here we cover some of the CRM features you'll love!

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What is a CRM?;

What is a CRM?

January 6, 2018

Are you new to business? Not sure what a CRM is really for? CRM software has one mission: To help you with your relationships with people. Discover how a CRM can help you!

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